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août 2017

Renata Verejanu, 2
Renata Verejanu,
the authority of Romanian lyric

In order to speak in details about her vast activity of writer, journalist, editor and fighter for national renaissance I would need tens of written pages and it still wouldn’t summarize the whole creative domain of the protagonist of the Year of Renata Verejanu; a woman of culture with an extraordinary and interesting biography, who amazed all my colleagues by her destiny that she created through hard work, every day. A few years back I spoke at a radio station that the best Ministry of Culture would be poetess Renata Verejanu. A while later we met and she did not like what I said, and she was right: God has created her as a poetess, gave her so many talents, how could I say that it is more important to be a public official? Especially in the transition period… We have enough bureaucrats but unfortunately, few personalities with dignity…
She always fought a hard fight with the system and its slaves, after founding „Grai Matern” literary circle (1988) and publishing of 5 manuscripts (delayed for over a decade) in the anthology Offering to humanity (1989), Renata Verejanu becomes uncomfortable in the whole sense of the word and her editorial activity is blocked more harsh even comparing with how it was after her first poetry book debut „Until love” (1979). But, as everything in the world is passing, the diabolical dictatorial regime crashed and the system lost its orientation.


août 2017
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Renata Verejanu

Launch o the year Renata Verejanu

Ladies and gentlemen, honored madam Verejanu! First of all I want to wish you health and a better new year, fuller of fruits and health, inspiration, love, victories and spiritual peace!
The European Academy of Civil Society has proposed and the Academic Center accepted the idea of launching the year Renata Verejanu: is a special year in her life. Taking into account the bag of projects, prose, verses, essays, interviews, sayings that she keeps bringing all the time, we thought it is time for some people to discover her, to applaud, say great words, and know her work and to be joyful together of these unique moments that will never repeat themselves…
I know Renata Verejanu from the times of national renaissance. Her patriotic and hard verse had motivated and mobilized many of us…
I know Renata Verejanu from when we walked together through country, holding the hands of Little Prince, discovering and promoting hundreds of young talents. Together with Renata Verejanu we passed the Nistru River, to the children from Transnistria. We were among the first who, after 10 years of conflict on the Nistru river, were allowed to enter the region, even if we were accompanied by a female lieutenant from their security services who supervised all our filming, but we managed to bring later, to International Festival Contest of the World Talents Micul Prinţ tens of children from that region, including Ionel Istrati.


jan 2017
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Renata Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi, Eminescu

Anul Renata Verejanu

Anul Renata Verejanu

Anul Renata Verejanu

Anul Renata Verejanu

anul Renata Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu, Intellectus

Renata Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu, Mihai  Cimpoi

Daniel Verejanu

Proiectele lui Daniel Verejanu şi a Renatei Verejanu
adună multă lume…
21 decembrie 2016,
Clubul Consiliului Europei,
Academia Europeană a Societăţii Civile,
Biblioteca « Transilvania »

nov 2016

Renata Verejanu, Maria Tonu, Ion Cuzuioc

USM, Renata Verejanu

USM, Andrei Dumbrăveanu

USM, Iurie Colesnic

Maria Tonu, Renata Verejanu, Ion Cuzuioc, USM

Renata Verejanu, Tatiana Afanas Crăciun

Relief stelar, Canada, Renata Verejanu, Maria Tonu, Mihai Cimpoi

În preajma Zilei de naştere a renumitei poete Renata Verejanu,
poeta Maria Tonu (Canada) veni cu antologia « Relief stelar »,
în care sunt adunate personalităţi din Moldova, România, Canada, Australia, SUA…

Cenaclul Grai Matern, fondat (1988) şi condus de Renata Verejanu,
în parteneriat cu FJŞC de la USM,
au organizat o adevărată sărbătoare a Poeziei şi Cântecului,
la care au participat oameni de cultură:
Ion Cuzuioc, Renata Verejanu, Iurie Colesnic,
Maria Tonu, Tatiana Afanas-Crăciun, Laura Tugarev,
Andrei Dumbrăveanu, Valeriu Mocanu, Andrei Viziv etc.

Reporter CNP

nov 2016
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Renata Verejanul Licul Dante Alighieri

Revista Micul Prinţ

Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu, Ministrul Culturii


août 2016

Festivalul dispune de un Juriu Internaţional profesionist, 

şi notele (aprecierile) Juriului nu se contestă. 
Mai ales când e vorba să alegi 3 poeţi din 100. 
Dar aveţi şansa să participaţi la Festival
până veţi obţine trofeul. 

Baftă la toţi îndrăgostiţii de frumos.

Festivalul International de Poezie - Renata Verejanu dans Festival de Poezie

11059838_1017187825022469_1902959492820683887_n Festival International de Poezie Renata Verejanu dans Festival de Poezie

renata%2B%2Bverejanu Moldova


10636233_745748408830008_1150613895963276273_n%255B1%255D Ziarul Copiii Europei


Echipa Festival


juin 2016

Micul Prinț, Renata Verejanu, Costi Burlacu

Costi Burlacu, Renata Verejanu

The best Festival LITTLE PRUNCE

Renata Verejanu, Juriul Internațional

Renata Verejanu, Micul Prinț

Renata Verejanu, Costi Burlacu and The Best Festival LITTLE PRINCE,
Chișinău, Moldova, 29 mai 2016, Palatul Național

juin 2016

Renata Verejanu, AGEPI

Renata Verejanu, OMCT

lect 2


The Best Festival LITTLE PRINCE,
29 mai 2016, Palatul Naţional,
Chişinău, Moldova

avr 2016

Renata Verejanu, Bălţi

Festival de Poezie, Bălţi

20160411152602 - Copy

Festival Renata Verejanu, Bălţi

Despre acest Festival Internaţional de Poezie se va scrie multe lucruri frumoase…
aprilie 2016, Liceul Republican « Ion Creangă », Bălţi…


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